The Simple 5-Step Webinar Funnel That Turns Cold Leads Into High Paying Clients With Ease – EP #6

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Have you hit a wall in generating leads one at a time, through networking and referrals? Or have you found that those leads are really not leads at all, just people to talk to – who aren’t ready to buy at all or who aren’t ready to buy from you?

In this week’s episode, we will show you a better way. In fact, we’ve found this to be the fastest way to grow your expert business with a steady flow of new high-paying clients, even if you’re not a “celebrity” and you don’t have a big following. We will show you how to reach WAY more people and maximize your influence with a solid Facebook Ad strategy that gets people ready and eager to hire you.

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Episode Transcript

Lucas Garvin: Welcome to Mastering Growth Episode 6, The Simple 5-Step Webinar Funnel That Turns Cold Leads Into High Paying Clients With Ease.

Lucas Garvin: Hey everyone. I’m Lucas Garvin

Jim Hohl: And I’m Jim Hohl.

Lucas Garvin: And in today’s episode we’ll be discussing our secret weapon for generating high ticket sales on autopilot which coincidentally happens to be the fastest way to grow your expert business. And by “expert”, we’re talking about coaches consultants trainers basically anyone who is selling their expertise online. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover in this episode. We’re going to talk about why this five step webinar funnel is so important to expert businesses, what the system itself does, take you through the five steps, and tell you how you can get started.

Jim Hohl: Great. So let’s start off by talking about why this is so important. First of all at a certain point in your business you really need to start leveraging. You just can’t grow from talking to people one on one, from referrals. I mean that gets you a certain way. Probably got you to this point. For sure most businesses start off that way, but it really can’t get you to grow to scale. And you know referrals just randomly talking to people one on one at networking and so on that’s just not a predictable path to growth anyway. But what if instead of that you could create a system to generate a steady stream of leads leading to a steady stream of clients and even better what if you could predictably and reliably generate income from month to month and scale at will. That is what we’ll be talking about today.

Lucas Garvin: So let’s learn a little bit more about what this simple five step system does. I’m going to run through it real quick for you. So first of all it’s going to attract more of your ideal clients straight to you. If you’ve ever been in business for some time you know I’m sure you’ve experienced the feeling of feeling like you’re just chasing clients you’re constantly looking for new opportunity to grow your business. And this sort of flips that on its head and really allows you to attract people into your business and grow and scale at will, like Jim said. So what it also does is eliminates outbound calling and you know that feeling of like I just said having to chase people and really go after them. You know this is really focused on attracting people and qualifying the right people. So that’s the next piece – leads come to you ready to work with you.

Lucas Garvin: And they have the money to pay for it because you tell them roughly what it’s going to cost. And you know what it’s going to look like to work with you. You’re going to eliminate peaks and valleys and cash flow and create consistent income. You’ll learn more about how and why that is and a bit. And you’re going to spend more time working with clients and doing what you love rather than focusing on as I said chasing the next opportunity to grow your business.

Jim Hohl: I bet that sounds pretty great, right? So now we’re going to jump into exactly what those five simple things you need to do right now to get to that point. So there are five simple things you really need to shift in how you might currently be running your business. So if you’re already doing some of these things great you’re a step ahead of most people in your business. So the number one thing is focus on one thing – only one thing – that you are the absolute best at what this allows you to do is instead of chasing leads, creating custom proposals and offering everything, you are going to be offering only the one thing that you are the best at you know if you have to think about you. You come off a phone call from a client you have to think about how would I do that.

Jim Hohl: Now how would I do that? How would I go about delivering on whatever it is that they want me to do. That’s a job, a proposal, a client you shouldn’t take. That is not the right fit for you. You should be focusing on the one thing that you’re the best at. And then when you do that leads – again we keep talking about this but it really is true – leads will flow to you because they’re going to need what you alone are qualified to offer. I mean it’s just kind of like specialization in the medical field – not only do people know what it is that you do that they associate you with it. It also can command a premium price.

Lucas Garvin: So next is to focus on the one audience that you are absolutely best suited to serve. An example of that and our business is very simply if you look on our home page you’ll see it says that we are the digital marketing team for experts and thought leaders. It couldn’t be more clear, right? We say exactly who we serve and you should too all of your marketing. So the reason you want to do this is it allows you to more easily target the audience online and create a more effective plan for growing your business. You’re speaking directly to their needs to their desires, to their pain, whatever it is that they’re going through or that they want to achieve. It’s much clearer to them that you’re the right person because you’re saying I work with these kind of people. Bottom line, you can charge a premium for your services because people will recognize that you are the expert in helping them in their business and their life et cetera.

Jim Hohl: All right step number three is Build Your Growth Platform. So we have a whole episode about this this topic called growth optimization. But here are the key things that your growth platform should do for you. It should drive attention which is your attention driver. It should generate leads, your lead generator. It should qualify those leads, your sales qualifier. And finally it should close sales into your core offer. So how do you do that? Basically you’re going to need some lead-generating Facebook ads and if you have questions about Facebook ads we have tons of material on that on our website and there’s certainly a lot out there but you want to generate leads through Facebook ads. That’s the very first step. Then you’re bringing them into a webinars, you’re having them apply at the end of that webinar for a strategy session, and then on that strategy session is when you move to the close for your core offer.

Jim Hohl: So this is one of the core strategies that we use with our clients and what’s great about it is you can. Once you get it worked out once you get this built, and you get it systematized to the point where you’re bringing in the right leads, you know that are qualified, and they’re closing at a consistent rate, you can just switch that on to evergreen, autopilot, whatever you want to call it and you just run that year round and it becomes a solid reliable income stream for you.

Lucas Garvin: Yeah. And I just want to be clear too about what this funnel what this strategy is designed to do. It is plain and simple designed to help businesses reliably and predictably acquire high ticket clients and what I mean by high tech is clients that are $2,000 or more in value to you and their first purchase. So whatever that is. Ideally it’s your core offer the thing that you are most excited and to sell and sell the most often to the most people. So you’ll want to have an offer that’s around that price range for this kind of funnel if you’re selling things that are in the $100 range or the you know $200 range or even $500 range it might be a little bit too long of a funnel for that kind of that kind of product so you’ll definitely want a high ticket offer.

Lucas Garvin: I would say that you could reasonably go up to $10k with pretty consistent success we’ve seen that very very consistently. You know you could also go a little bit higher than that I’ve seen people do it even higher, so this really is a high ticket acquisition funnel. So what’s what’s next?

Lucas Garvin: Step number four, you need to fill your funnel with paid traffic so you know people always ask why paid. There’s organic channels out there I can post on my Facebook page I can do so and get people to my website from Google and all those channels are great. But what’s different is they’re not predictable. They’re not consistent. They drive traffic as they do when they do and the quantity that they do it. And you know it requires a lot of time and energy to maintain, as anything worthwhile does.

Lucas Garvin: But ultimately it’s just not predictable, it’s not scalable, it’s not consistent. But with paid you can control the volume you can turn it up. You can turn it down. Just like a water faucet. So leverage. You create those campaigns and you can run them for a long period of time without having to you know sort of reinvent the wheel or keep retooling it. You know definitely at a certain point I would say within the six month or so range you do want to tweak things you know freshen up your copy or maybe your images in your ads to make sure that they don’t get too stale with the audiences that you’re advertising to and you should be doing audience development. But ultimately you can run those for a long period of time. Like I said just a second ago you know this is scalable.

Lucas Garvin: This is something that you can you just dump more money into it as long as it’s making money. And there you go. And you can scale and when you’re in business being able to know with certainty how many leads and how many clients are going to come in today, tomorrow, this week, next week, next month, next four months from now… is powerful. It means control over your business over your destiny, over your goals, and your dreams. So this is really really important. And we preach a lot about advertising and our business because of that. It’s just such a great model for entrepreneurs because so often our personal ideals and dreams are attached to our businesses. So definitely keep an eye on paid traffic. So there’s three key steps here. First you’re going to need a Facebook ad for your webinar for sure.

Lucas Garvin: And what this should do is ultimately hit on the pain right. You want to call out the problem or you can also call out a sincere desire that your audience holds. And you would then want to create what we call a “webinar promise”. So you’ll you’ll have your title of your webinars and your promise for your webinars and essentially do the same thing just different lengths. You know think of the promise like a description. It’s essentially as it’s titled promising the value and the outcome that they can expect to receive from consuming that content. Alright? And also this ad should create urgency. It should say “it’s happening soon”. You know “sign up now”. That kind of stuff. Another quick pro tip here. We have seen consistently time and time and time and time and time again with webinar ads on Facebook the “call to action” button, the button that you choose for the ad.

Lucas Garvin: There’s a couple of different options – there’s “download” you know, “book”, “learn more”, “sign up”. All of these different things. Consistently we have seen “learn more”, the call to action button “learn more” perform far and above the rest. So definitely use that button type. The second step here is you’re going to need a landing page or a registration page for your webinars. This page needs to be very consistent in style and in language to your webinar ad that you’re going to be putting on Facebook. OK. So in both places you should be putting the title of the web and are in some capacity the webinar promise. And again the landing page should reiterate that urgency.

Lucas Garvin: Usually on the on the landing page, you’ll want to have some sort of timer or you’ll want to show the date or both that sort of says this is when the next training is happening. Usually for this kind of funnel it’s going to be what’s called an evergreen webinar which means that webinar happens automatically over a certain time frame it might be once a day, a couple of times a day, a couple of times a week, just depends on your preference and your business what what you want to create a sort of the image of your availability. But ultimately you’ll want to create that urgency. And the last piece is you’ll want to offer that free consultation via the application in another ad that you’ll want to put on Facebook for people who register for and attend your webinars.

Lucas Garvin: So what this is doing is it’s helping to get more people who have consumed your content, been on your webinar, you know they didn’t make the decision to take you up on that offer on the webinar, and maybe not in some follow up e-mails either, but you’re using that additional channel, Facebook, that other place that they’re spending time of their day in, to sort of remind them “Hey this is available. I’m inviting you to apply to have a conversation with me.” And we find that works really well.

Jim Hohl: And the final step here is step number five. You want to automate all of this. You want to automate your growth with tech and systems. I mean obviously you can’t do most of this by hand. I mean you could, you could be booking calls with people over the phone rather than having them schedule it right. But just by its very nature it just makes total sense to automate all of this. So basically every step can be automated. I mean you automate the webinar obviously. Once you record it, you can set it up to run on demand or at the top of the next hour or the next. You can create a few time slots that are available but just run it on demand. You create all the follow up automatically. So when people attend, when they don’t attend, if they miss the offer, you want to make sure that they see it, or come back and watch a replay. So you automate all that follow up. You definitely want to automate the application so that would be a form, a web form of some kind, there are a lot of tools for that. You can build that right into your website probably or you have a landing page dedicated to that. You want to automate the scheduling there are tools like Calendly, Acuity, things like that, Appointment Core, that will allow you to schedule directly with your with your leads. So, all that you want to automate.

Lucas Garvin: So now let’s talk about how to get started. So before I get too far into that I just want to let you guys know we have a free in-depth training that really goes into all of this and much more detail than we have on this episode. And you can find that on our website at You can also just go to and click the training tab up at the top in our menu. So here’s a couple quick tips. First, start at the beginning. Do you have your ideal client identified? If so, great! Then what specifically are you offering to them? What is your high-ticket offer? And work backwards from there. You’ll want to train around content that’s relevant to your offer in your webinar and you’ll want to make sure that you’re preparing them for a serious conversation about how to work with you.

Lucas Garvin: Next and this might seem like basics and it is but it’s critical and crucial to your success. You really just can’t be everything to everyone and succeed. So simply what that means is choose your niche, serve that niche and serve them well. Once you have these two things clear. Think about what they would need to know to properly prepare them to work with you and to want to work with you. That should be the topic of your webinar and just reverse-engineer everything from that point.

Jim Hohl: Alright, well, that’s all we’ve got for you this week. Be sure to visit the Mastering Growth website at or go directly to the episode page at for all the links and we’ll have an offer there for you to get some free stuff to help you get started as well. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already. Give us a rating and review us on Apple podcasts or iTunes.

Lucas Garvin: Until next time keep growing.

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