Lucas Garvin

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Instead of following the usual path, Lucas has carved his own. At the age of 13, he founded his first business, SEO PRO, to offer his unique marketing talents to local businesses in his hometown of Savannah, GA. After racking up an impressive roster of local business clients (and graduating high school), he decided to up the ante – moving to NYC to co-found the digital agency Visify instead of going to college. As an Eagle Scout, there’s no amount of effort Lucas isn’t willing to put in to help his friends, clients, and community grow.

Now 22, Lucas directs all internal and client marketing strategy while spending his free time reading blogs on marketing strategy, as well as a little biking and Xbox here and there. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the next generation of youth entrepreneurs.

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Independent Study in Marketing & Business

What Matters to Lucas
  • Being inspired by what’s next
  • Experiences that are engaging and impactful
  • Protecting the rights and futures of youth
Fun Facts About Lucas
  • Eagle Scout
  • Twin younger sisters
  • Loves to travel
  • Total foodie
  • Recently married