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Done-for-you Facebook ads that actually generate leads & sales.


You have a goal.

You’ve heard about the power of Facebook ads – people and brands seemingly skyrocketing to success overnight – and you believe this the way to hit your target.

NEWS FLASH – taking advantage of Facebook’s platform can be a massive challenge.

To succeed on Facebook, you need to understand how to target your perfect audience and drive qualified (read: quality) traffic to get the most out of your advertising budget. After all, who has money to throw out the window?

With hundreds of campaigns, tens of thousands of ad tests, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend in our care over the last year alone, we can confidently say, you’ve come to the right place.

At Visify, we know how to put your brand in the spotlight – optimize for conversion, not eyeballs – and generate long-term results.


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What clients are saying…


I saw results within weeks of working with Visify. Traffic on my website has steadily increased, I’m getting way more leads, and booking more appointments. I recently reached an all-time high for daily sales and thought to myself “how much money did I lose NOT hiring these guys sooner?!” I’m so glad I discovered Visify!
— Eli Kliger, Founder at Instavet

Visify has been an incredible partner and a crucial part of scaling our launches, reducing our lead cost and truly outperforming the industry in a time when many others were backsliding or starting to see diminishing returns. I can consistently count on them to deliver results while keeping profitability in mind. They are a true pleasure to work with!
— Lisa Sasevich, Creator of Speak-to-Sell


Here’s how we can help you grow.

We offer several options ranging from consultation-only to complete done-for-you services.

Growth Planning Intensive

Are you a “do-it-yourself-er?”

Wouldn’t you feel more confident with a step-by-step plan and knowing that the strategy you employ to grow your business has the sign-off of an expert?

If so, the Growth Planning Intensive is your best friend. It’s the “extra shot” of strategy you need to power through your next lead generation campaign, product launch, book launch, or ad campaign.

Includes a truly “intense” 4-hour live or virtual consult with a Visify strategist, complete session notes and Growth Optimization Plan, and two (2) follow-up calls to support you in execution.

  • None
  • One-time fee

Lead Generator Kickstart

This consulting + done-for-you Facebook advertising service gets you up and running with a predictable lead generation system.

We walk you step-by-step through identifying your perfect audience, then selecting, modifying, or creating a high-converting lead magnet, and finally write, design, place and optimize your ads for two (2) weeks from “launch day.”

  • Minimum $2,000 total ad spend
  • One-time fee

Facebook Advertising Management

The complete done-for-you Facebook advertising package. We work with you one-on-one to create profitable, evergreen customer acquisition systems, using advanced Facebook advertising strategies.

We’ll strategize, write, design, place, and optimize all (100%) of your Facebook ad campaigns. *Includes bi-weekly calls with your dedicated strategist to discuss any of your advertising needs.

  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Minimum $2,000 /month ad spend
  • Proven sales / conversion strategy
  • $250,000+ /year revenue
  • % of ad spend (or a small management fee)

Visify Private Client (By Invitation Only)

Think of us as your external CMO + marketing team. Your dedicated strategist works side-by-side with you to devise a growth-optimized annual and quarterly strategy – down to the individual campaigns – while our team of specialists builds and optimizes each component for you. Complete with weekly calls and unparalleled support, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it…

This is a limited, invitation-only service. You must be referred by a current client or apply through the link below to be considered.

  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Ad spend required (separate)
  • $250,000+ /year revenue
  • Retainer starting at $3,500 /month

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Common Questions (FAQ)

Facebook Advertising’s greatest strength – and your key to success – is its powerful audience targeting. In fact, for reaching new leads or engaging existing leads in a highly targeted way, nothing beats Facebook. The range of interests and behaviors you can identify and target is mind-blowing. Your ideal client is on Facebook – guaranteed.

Facebook allows advertisers to target leads as precisely as you want to or need to. Want to targeting moms in Cleveland, age 25-45, who love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and are planning to travel to New York? You can do that. Fans of David Beckham who watch ESPN and wear Adidas? Check. Frequent travelers with kids who earn more than $100k per year? Of course!

Don’t know the best interests and behaviors to target? Upload a list of your current clients and let Facebook find you an audience of around 2 million people like them.

Beyond the incredible wealth of targeting options, advertising on Facebook is generally cheaper on a per lead basis than either LinkedIn or Google. It’s a great way for any business to get started with digital advertising or for experienced advertisers to expand their reach.

We’ve worked with clients in many niches and every single one of them has had success with the Facebook advertising platform. You can too.

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Facebook severely limits the reach of your organic posts to the point where only a small percentage (under 10%) of your page followers will see any given post.

In order to reach even your own followers effectively, you will need to consider paying for ads. We can show you ways to leverage your following to reach more people like them for much less than you’d expect.

All you need is a Facebook business page and an ad account. Both of which we can set up for you. 🙂

Nope. You don’t need a website!

Visify does not offer guarantees. If we were able to offer guaranteed results on any kind of advertising, we just might own lots of Berkshire Hathaway stock and sip piña coladas on our own private island all day. 🙂
With typical Facebook ad campaigns you can expect to see results within 3 months.
Our management fees are based on a monthly retainer. Typically a percentage of your advertising spend (or a small management fee).
We work best with high-ticket service businesses. We affectionately call them “client businesses” because that’s what they typically call their customers.

This includes but is not limited to: Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, elective specialists like Plastic Surgeons, and B2B contractors like Commercial Cleaners.

Still not sure?
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We’re more than Facebook advertising experts, our team includes strategists that have worked for tech startups to international corporations and we have a sincere focus on growth and profitability that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at other marketing agencies.

Every Visify strategist is trained and certified in at least 8 core principles of digital marketing:

  1. Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition,
  2. Conversion Funnel Optimization,
  3. Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization,
  4. Email Marketing and List Building,
  5. Search Marketing,
  6. Social and Community Management,
  7. Content Marketing,
  8. Marketing Analytics and Data Science,

…and finally, Growth Optimization to wrap it all together.

Visify is also a Google Partner, Digital Marketer Certified Agency, and Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

As with all our services, as a Facebook advertising client, you will work with a dedicated strategist who will ensure that your campaigns get the attention they need to succeed. And because advertising on Facebook is much more targeted than on Google, you can reach your ideal clients much more cost effectively. We will work with you to determine the most effective use of your budget.

At Visify, you can count on us to proactively monitor your campaigns to optimize them for the best performance and to generate the results that your business needs. We don’t just run one campaign but test and iterate to optimize conversion on the metrics that matter most to your business.

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