LinkedIn Ads + Retargeting: The B2B Lead Generation Strategy To Top All Others

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If you’re a coach or consultant, or offer some sort of “done for you” service for other businesses… This little-known (and sorta weird) lead generation strategy is a powerful way to pump your sales pipeline full of hot leads.

It all begins with LinkedIn.

You’ve probably heard for years that LinkedIn is a powerful place to go for “serious” coaching and consulting leads. It’s true! LinkedIn has over 380 million total users, 107 million of which live in the US. But I’m willing to bet that to you, like most people, the odd navigation, blocked access to exclusive groups, and expensive “premium” upgrades has kept those juicy leads locked far out of sight.

Not any more.

In this quick guide I’m going to show you why LinkedIn ads really is the #1 place for B2B lead generation and how to do it without spending countless hours joining groups and requesting connections…

The Lead Source

LinkedIn AdsLinkedIn Ads. But… Not just LinkedIn ads. (More on that in a sec.)

LinkedIn has done a really amazing job of acquiring professional users. Like I said before, they have over 380 million worldwide. Which makes for a nice pool of leads to drive traffic with. What makes LinkedIn Ads REALLY unique is the amount and accuracy of “professional” data they have to target with:

  • By job title and function
  • By industry and company size
  • By seniority
  • By location
  • By LinkedIn groups *

Each of these targeting options allows an advertiser to get really specific with what type of leads they want, relevant to their business. Targeting by groups is even more exciting, with the opportunity to use more psychographics than demographics…

LinkedIn ads are especially powerful for B2B lead generation because people trust Linkedin. They see it as the go-to social network for professionals, and know that its users are serious about business.

So, step 1 is:

Drive traffic to a blog post or other valuable, free content that doesn’t require someone to “opt in.”

Most advertisers would tell you, “send the leads straight from your LinkedIn ads to an opt-in.”

Then if conversions aren’t up to par they’ll come back to you with reasons why the landing page isn’t right and how it needs better copy or design. Which may be true, but the answer is more often – they don’t trust you.

Think for just a second… If you didn’t know me (which you might not) and I walked up to you on the street and said, “I have some really great advice on [insert relevant topic here]. If you give me your name and email, I’ll send it over.”

You might think I’m crazy! So, provide value, nurture the lead, and then make the offer with retargeted ads.

Here’s where we veer from the norm…

So, by this point the lead has seen and clicked on your LinkedIn ad and has arrived at a beautiful, valuable blog post that answers a specific, burning question… Now what?

B2B Lead Gen With Retargeting AdsRetarget them to an opt-in. On Facebook.

Yes, on Facebook. Here’s why:

How many hours do you or your colleagues spend on LinkedIn? Enough to answer your InMail, say congrats to a connection’s work anniversary, and accept a few connection requests. Enough to see an ad or two…

Now, I don’t even have to ask you how much time you spend on Facebook because I can tell you that Facebook’s more than 1.44 billion monthly active users around the world spend an average of 20+ minutes per day on the social network. The average US user is double that, at 40 minutes per day.

That makes Facebook a powerful place to advertise your lead magnet (opt-in offer).

LinkedIn Advertising Strategy Re-Cap

Here’s the quick run-down on how to use LinkedIn ads the right way…:

  • Use LinkedIn ads to drive qualified leads to valuable, free content that doesn’t require them to “opt in.”
  • Use Facebook’s Website Custom Audience pixel to retarget that traffic with a relevant lead magnet or other offer.

It’s really that simple. 🙂

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