List Hygiene: How To Automatically Clean & Complete Contact Data

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Finally. It’s here.

The ultimate solution to automatically clean and complete contact data in your CRM or marketing automation tool…

Just a few hours ago, FullContact announced a new way to integrate with Zapier. The integration takes advantage of Zapier’s new multi-step zaps to automatically clean and fill your contact data as it is added to your CRM or marketing automation tool.

Having already implemented this solution for ourselves, I thought I’d whip up a quick tutorial for you.

Things You Will Need

This is simple! All you need is:

  1. An account at FullContact (I’d recommend the premium version at only $9.99/mo.)
  2. An account at Zapier (Depending on the number of leads you generate each month, you may or may not need more than the Free or Basic plans.)
  3. An CRM/marketing automation tool (Supported CRMs: Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Highrise, SugarCRM, Nimble, and more!)

Getting Set Up

Below is a step-by-step guide to create the zap that will keep your list clean! For this example we will use Infusionsoft, our favorite marketing automation tool. 🙂

The first step is to start making your zap.

List Hygiene Tutorial 1


Next, select your CRM or marketing automation tool.

List Hygiene Tutorial 2


Select the “new contact” trigger for your CRM.

List Hygiene Tutorial 3


Select or connect your CRM account.

List Hygiene Tutorial 4


Test your CRM account connection.

List Hygiene Tutorial 5


Select FullContact for the action.

List Hygiene Tutorial 6


Select the “Find Person” action.

List Hygiene Tutorial 7


Select or connect your FullContact account.

List Hygiene Tutorial 8


Select “Email” to use as the FullContact lookup field.

List Hygiene Tutorial 9


Test the FullContact connection. Click the “+” button to add a 3rd and final step.

List Hygiene Tutorial 10


Select your CRM again.

List Hygiene Tutorial 12


Select your CRM’s “create/update contact” action.

List Hygiene Tutorial 13


Select your CRM account again.

List Hygiene Tutorial 14


Fill out the Email field and “how to check for duplicates” field.

List Hygiene Tutorial 15


Fill out the CRM contact data template with FullContact’s data fields.

List Hygiene Tutorial 16


Test the connection with your CRM and click Finish! 🙂

List Hygiene Tutorial 17

In Summary…

This solution is not perfect! Unfortunately, it will not update contacts you’ve added in the past. At least not in this format.

However, this can be a powerful addition to your ongoing lead generation efforts. Especially if you have sales team that needs more complete contact data.

Have questions? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @LucasGarvin.

Happy marketing! 🙂


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