The Need For Mobile Websites Isn’t Coming

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You may have heard in the last year or two that you should consider making your website “mobile-ready” or responsive. Something about a “mobile revolution.” The truth is, the need for mobile websites isn’t coming. It’s already here. It’s been here.

– Lucas Garvin, Co-Founder, Visify

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The Facts About Mobile

  1. “The mobile revolution is complete. Smartphones account for more than half of searches in 10 countries“”including the U.S. and Japan””according to Google, which didn’t release exact percentages or a full list of countries.” – See the full article on AdWeek.
  2. “As of Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Google has made a massive change to the way it ranks websites. How massive? This change outranks both Panda and Penguin in terms of its scale of impact on search results, according to Google’s Webmaster Trends analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji.” – See the full article on HubSpot.
  3. “For the first time in March, the number of mobile-only adult internet users exceeded the number of desktop-only internet users.”See the full article on ComScore.

What’s Next For Mobile

Mobile isn’t going anywhere. It’s only going to grow. Companies like Google and Apple are creating smart watch products that allow content to be consumed on screens smaller than 2″.

When considering your lead generation strategies in 2015 and onward, mobile support must be accounted for when building your website, landing pages, consumable content, emails, ads, etc. Some of our clients’ avatars (ie – audience, ideal client) are so ingrained in their mobile devices, we can generate new leads at a fraction of the cost of ads on desktop networks.

If you’re looking for a sustainable, long-term lead generation strategy… be sure to include mobile.

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