Case Study: How We Catalyzed the Success of Plum Pudding Chemistry

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Visify has developed a reputation for working with larger, more established businesses, specifically experts selling high-ticket services, with $1m+ in revenue. But that is not the whole story.

We also work with businesses which are smaller, in some cases much smaller.

Some are looking to grow their business to $500k, $1m or more… while others are transitioning out of their day jobs and are looking grow their business on the side.

The common trait in both cases is that these businesses have something that is working and they need some help (either more leads or more conversion) to really enable them to grow.

Vaish, the owner and founder of Plum Pudding Chemistry, came to us for that very reason. She is a chemistry teacher during the day, and a successful businesswoman on the side. Her business targets the aspiring high schoolers, and their parents, who want a leg up in AP Chemistry.

She had sold her AP Chemistry training online in prior years with some success, but this year she wanted to sell MORE. She was ready for some serious growth!

I love Vaish’s business because, for one thing, her niche and offering are so specific that her ideal client is super easy to identify and to reach. I also love that she is selling exactly what she sells during the day as a teacher but packaged differently and at an entirely different price point – one that allows her to leverage her time and expertise to her best advantage.

For clients at this particular juncture, what they usually need are two things: a solid lead generation system, and a solid sales qualification platform.

The first 45 days of a new marketing engagement with us for this type of business is entirely focused on generating the most leads at the lowest cost (via a smart combination of attention driver and lead generator). Leads in hand, we would then proceed to build out your Growth Platform, over the next 60-75 days. Our Growth Platform is a full funnel solution, that nurtures buyers to purchase your core offer, often via a webinar or other sales qualifier. The best part is that the Growth Platform is setup to be evergreen, meaning once it is set up, there will not be much for you to do on the marketing side. Meanwhile, WE will be monitoring and optimizing it for you, while YOU focus on having sales conversations and making sales.

We could tell from looking at her past results, that with enough of the right leads, Vaish’s product would sell, and that is exactly what happened.

Here are the results of the first 45 days of our first campaign together:


The goal of this initial campaign was to generate leads that would be ideal clients for Plum Pudding’s AP Chemistry enrichment course. The price point ranges from $220 to $1,800 with their core offer at $997.


Visify developed a plan to generate leads by offering Facebook and Instagram audiences a gated content item (lead magnet) called the AP Chemistry Survival Toolkit, a downloadable PDF guide that contained useful tools for “˜surviving’ AP Chemistry.

Initial Launch (Testing)

Initially, Visify launched two campaigns to two different audiences starting at the beginning of the school year. The first was to high schoolers interested in both science and college prep and academic achievement. The second was to high schoolers in the 454 high schools that US News and World Report listed as having the highest rate of AP Participation.


  • Targeting by Interest: $2.64 CPL
  • Targeting by High School: $5.45 CPL

It was clear from these two campaigns that Visify was targeting the right people with a content item that they valued and were willing to download at a low cost per lead. It was also clear that interest targeting produced superior results to high school targeting.

Second Launch (Live)

After the success of the initial launch, Plum Pudding was eager to increase their ad spend to $100/day. We re-launched their campaign with a higher budget, using only interest targeting, and optimized the results over several weeks.

Here are the results:

  • CPL (Overall): $3.64
  • Leads: 554 (lead = provided email address and name)
  • Spent: $2,017.83
  • CPL on Facebook Mobile: $3.39
  • CPL on Instagram:  $3.96

Additionally, the ads received high organic engagement and were shared 109 times, boosting their reach for free.

Email Engagement

Leads generated through this campaign stayed engaged with Plum Pudding’s email marketing.

  • % of leads who downloaded the AP Chemistry Survival Toolkit: 47.4%
  • List Open Rate (7 emails total): 23.2%
  • Open rate on webinar offer emails: 41%.


Across the whole campaign, we saw the following results:

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): $3.52
  • Leads Acquired: 667 (lead = provided email address and name)
  • Ad Spend: $2,349.41

Given the price of her offerings, this CPL is very good and our client was extremely satisfied, sending us this glowing testimonial:

Visify has helped my business to reach out to a whole group of people I would have never been able to target by myself! My email list expanded about a 100 times! It was great working with the Visify team! They listened to my unique needs. I run a very small business, but that never got in the way. I am very happy with the help I received from the Visify team, and highly recommend them to other small business owners.

If you are a smaller business selling a high-ticket training or service, and want to get in front of more of the right people to sell more faster, the best next step for you is to watch our free training. Sign up for the next available FREE training here.

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